Controversy Continues Over Whether Hot Water Freezes Faster Than Cold

Space was limited in the students’ refrigerator, and in the rush to nab the last available ice tray, Mpemba opted to skip waiting for his boiled-milk-and-sugar concoction to cool to room temperature like the other students had done. An hour and a half later, his mixture had frozen into ice cream, whereas those of his … Read more

Evergrande’s crisis continues: $2 billion seized, earnings delayed

1648015729 Evergrandes crisis continues 2 billion seized earnings delayed

Evergrande said that it won’t be able to meet the March 31 deadline for publishing audited results for 2021, a year which saw it default on its debts as prices and activity in China’s vast real estate sector slumped. One of its units — Evergrande Property Services — said some of its lenders had unexpectedly … Read more

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope mirror surpasses expectations as alignment continues

NASAs James Webb Space Telescope mirror surpasses expectations as alignment

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has completed another critical mirror alignment step and has released the highest resolution infrared image ever taken from space. Less than two months ago, the James Webb Space Telescope took its first photos in space. The images were taken of the star HD84406 in the constellation Ursa Major and displayed … Read more