The secret to longevity and happiness? It’s all in the mind

1674226620 The secret to longevity and happiness Its all in the

Longevity and mental health are more linked than you might realize. “Our bodies and minds are not separate, so it’s really no surprise that our mental health and our physical health are closely connected, especially when it comes to aging,” Regina Koepp, a board-certified clinical psychologist and the founder of the Center for Mental Health … Read more

A Secret Writers Room, a Rising Scribe and a Post-‘Skywalker’ Timeline: A Look Inside Damon Lindelof’s ‘Star Wars’ Movie (Eksklusif)

3 Tanda Zodiak Dengan Horoskop Kasar Pada 29 September 2022

Rahsia Perang Bintang projek filem yang dipimpin secara kreatif oleh Damon Lindelof adalah didorong ke hari Ahad terbuka malam apabila ia mendedahkan bahawa Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, yang mengarahkan dua episod Cikgu Marvelberada di atas kapal sebagai jurumudi. Projek ini telah diusahakan selama berbulan-bulan, dan sementara Lindelof mendapat bahagian perhatian bersaiz Wookiee, terima kasih tidak sedikit kepada … Read more

The secret birth defect that made Richard Simmons a superstar — and a recluse

The secret birth defect that made Richard Simmons a superstar

For more than three decades, it seemed you couldn’t go anywhere in America without seeing Richard Simmons. The flamboyant fitness guru was a ubiquitous force, fronting informercials, publishing cookbooks and selling tens of millions of workout videos that revolutionized the exercise industry forever. From 1980 onward, the frizzy-haired, gleefully eccentric entertainer was also a fixture … Read more

Why NASA Will Be Keeping Many Details of This Weekend’s Megarocket Test Secret

Why NASA Will Be Keeping Many Details of This Weekends

SLS on the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Photo: NASA/Ben Smegelsky A critical test of NASA’s upcoming Space Launch System rocket starts this Friday, but the live broadcast of the wet dress rehearsal promises to be a dull and silent affair owing to security concerns. We live in uncertain times, no question, … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope’s 1st science targets remain super secret as observatory settles in

James Webb Space Telescopes 1st science targets remain super secret

In the first year of its scientific operations, the James Webb Space Telescope will study small galaxies orbiting the Milky Way, look for the oldest stars in the universe or peer inside mysterious remnants of an exploded star.  Its very first science targets, however, remain top secret.  The mighty James Webb Space Telescope recently aligned … Read more

‘Masked Singer’ judges shocked by double-eliminees’ secret singing skills: ‘Who knew?’

1648090653 Masked Singer judges shocked by double eliminees secret singing skills Who

‘The Masked Singer’ Season 7 contestants Thingamabob and Cyclops fool everyone with their professional-sounding singing voices. (Photos: Fox) The Masked Singer Season 7’s Group A round wrapped Wednesday with a suspenseful, if seemingly premature, double-elimination. And following this season’s previous puzzling reveals of Food Network star Duff “McTerrier” Goldman and sportscaster Joe “The Ram” Buck, … Read more