Some Advice: Don’t Need Major Jaw Surgery | Defector

Some Advice Dont Need Major Jaw Surgery Defector

Fifty-one days ago, I had a very long and very complicated jaw surgery. I’m basically fine now; you don’t need to worry about me. But I know exactly how many days it’s been because obsessively crossing squares off my calendar is the only way I’ve been able to stay sane through the recovery process. That, … Read more

British man’s genitals attacked by flesh eating bug after Costa Rican surgery

British mans genitals attacked by flesh eating bug after Costa

British businessman, 47, is trapped in Costa Rica after suffering gangrene of the genitals following a horror reaction to routine surgery – as his family battle to bring him home for treatment  Colin Graw, 47, underwent a minor surgical procedure in Costa Rica in January Four days later Mr Graw’s genitals were being attacked by … Read more

This woman is now a ‘clitoris advocate’ after a harrowing, botched vagina surgery left her suicidal

1648087053 This woman is now a ‘clitoris advocate after a harrowing

At just 18-years-old, Jessica Pin believed she had an abnormal vagina. Despite having labiaplasty surgery performed by a respected obstetrician-gynecologist, it went wrong, leaving her with severed nerves. Because of this, Jessica has no sensation down below, as the dorsal nerves of her clitoris were damaged. Jessica, who lives in San Francisco said that her whole labia minora was … Read more

Woman left with ‘shark hand’ after doctors sew it inside stomach during surgery

Woman left with ‘shark hand after doctors sew it inside

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the ER. A UK woman’s hand was left looking like a cartoon shark head after doctors sewed the appendage inside her stomach to fight a vicious infection. A video chronicling her “Jaws”-dropping mitt currently boasts over 75 million views on TikTok. “I wasn’t aware … Read more